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Megan Carlile Portfolio Shoot

Megan Carlile, 19, is a singer and 'Miss England' semi-finalist based in Elmsthorpe, Leicestershire. On Thursday, 11th July 2019, Megan visited Parklands Studio for a portfolio shoot.

Yesterday, Megan Carlile, a talented 19 year old performer, singer and musician, from Elmsthrope in Leicestershire, visited Parklands Studio for a portfolio photoshoot.

Although equipped with pageant experience, this was Megan’s first ever dedicated session in front of the camera, and so my aim, as with all portfolio shoots, was to capture a wide-variety of images that showcased the models look and appearance.

For portfolio photoshoots, the environment at Parklands Studio is second-to-none as the range of facilities, combined with the sheer size of the location, enables huge scope and variation in what can be captured. 

For Megan’s three hour morning photoshoot we split our time between the area in and around the lake and, once the sun became too high, the workshop and studio.

Our time flew by, and Megan took direction well, whilst also showing considerable ability to pose without guidance. For me, her beautiful eyes and mouth simply draw the viewer in.

You can follow Megan on Instagram.

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