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First-timer… Sally-Anne!

Sally-Anne, 27, had never stepped in front of the camera before, though it was something that she had always wanted to do... and on Saturday, July 20th 2019, the mother of one visited Parklands Studio for a portfolio shoot.

Before shooting someone who has never had a professional photoshoot, as a photographer you can never be totally sure how things will go! Yes, you can see potential, but potential doesn’t account for how someone will react when they step in front of a camera. Modelling requires natural talent, true, but it’s also a skill, and skill develops over time.

Sally-Anne, a 27-year old mother of one, had always wanted to model but had never pursued the idea beyond the odd fleeting thought. “I wouldn’t know where to start“, she explained to me when she first got in touch. 

The key, when working with first-timers, it to ensure that they’re well prepared before hand and that they feel relaxed and comfortable on the shoot itself.  

To ensure this was the case, I explained to Sally-Anne exactly how the portfolio session would go, what to bring, and how to do her makeup. Then, on arrival, we took time out to go through the items of clothing that she’d brought, how we might use them, and then we looked around the Parklands Studio site to get an idea of where we might look to shoot.  Then, finally, it was time to soot… and I was immediately impressed.

Sally-Anne, with her striking features, looked stunning under studio lighting, and for someone who was on her first shoot, she modelled effortlessly and confidently, taking direction well and also moving naturally when posing unaided. 

After a coupe of hours in the studio, where we used a mixture of lighting techniques and backdrops, we went on a walk-about around the lake area and then into the water. It was at this point that Sally-Anne really began to shine, and her images in the lake look absolutely sensational. 

Sally-Anne was so pleased with how the shoot went, and the images that we captured together, that she now wants to come back to Parklands Studio and begin modelling here on a freelance basis… as a photographer (and studio owner) you can’t ask for more than that!

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